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So you want to buy a 4k tv? Or maybe just doing some research? If so, here is the laydown…

4k tv

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4k tv – what to know. 

Before buying that next 4k tv, here are some things you should know PLUS which feature is a must in one.

As 4k tvs have become more and more affordable, it is easy to go ahead and pick one without much thought of price.

But before you buy that next 4k tv, how do you know that it will serve you well into the future? As more and better technologies are brought to market?

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4k tv Display Technologies

Let’s begin by looking at some of the display technologies used in 4k tvs.

  1. LCD or LED tvs
  2. OLED tvs
  3. qLED tvs



LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display while LED stands for Light Emitting Diode, The LED is the backlight in a LCD tv. So a LED tv and a LCD tv are one and the same thing. LCD tvs pixels are lit by the LED powered Backlight System.


OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode, which means that each pixel is providing its own illumination without a separate backlight.

TVs that have both these technologies are usually flat and thinner compared to older model tv sets due to the kind of backlight that powers them.

Sometimes, depending on how many LEDs are in a tv, you may experience what is called ‘blooming’, this is where bright areas leak into adjacent dark areas – giving a not so pleasant experience.

QLED tvs

The name qled is a Samsung branding term, and it stands for Quantum Dot Led tv.

So, what is qled a tv? It’s a 4k tv that has the promise of life like color.

It’s a variant of LED with a backlight .


LED 4k TVs are getting even more awesome with the introduction of mini LEDs, which are basically LEDS but smaller in size, this difference makes it possible to have more backlight meaning the 4k tv will have more control over  what gets dimmer and what won’t. This makes for a 4k tv that gets really brighter than traditional LED tvs.


4k tv more features explained simply!

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With a 4k resolution, meas tvs have a 3840 pixels * 2160 pixels, as compared to the 1920*1080 pixels found in hd tvs. However, the quality of image one is not just dependent on the resolution alone, other features like contrast dynamic range peak brightness and hdr performance also are contributing factors.

Contrast is the difference between the brightest the 4k tv can become and the darkest it can become.

With low contrast tvs, the images will probably look washed out .

4k tv with HDR

On the other hand, hdr which stands for High Dynamic Range expands the ranges of color and contrast.

When deciding on buying a 4k tv, you want to get one that supports HDR. HDR can bolster your whole tv experience, whether its gaming or just streaming movies, 4k tvs do have a crisp look and feel but having one with HDR helps you have a panel that produces more realistic and vivid colors.

4k tv build in-apps

Lets now talk about what everyone has come to expect not only of a 4k tv, but also all current entertainment devices, build-in apps. Most of the current have the roku app, google tv app, netflix app, amazon prime amongst others built right into the tv itself.

4k tv speakers

Most 4k TVs have their own ecosystem, having their own built- in speakers. These can be fine if you are not looking for great sound options, in which case we recommend buying a sound bar.

4k tv recommendations: What 4k tv should you buy?

Here are our top picks and recommendations.


Our number one pick is also the most expensive, and for good reason, LG have made a thing of beauty with this one.

First, it is incredibly thin and slim as it uses the OLED technology we discussed before.

Then it comes with a mount to be hung on a wall.

The Lg Oled G1 Series 4k tv has the best picture quality as compared to the others. It will provide you with the best color and brightness compared to other LG oled 

Get a LG OLED G1 SERIES here

2. LG C1 Series

A little bit cheaper than the G1, the LG c1 Series comes with its own smart tv interface remote. This remote allows you to move around different apps easily and effortlessly. It also comes standard with the amazon voice assistant and the google voice assistant.

It also comes with a game optimizer mode complete with picture presets to allow gaming flawlessly.

Buy a LG C1 Series here

3. Samsung QN90A

This is possibly the best oled alternative there is, the samsung comes in a sleek design complete with a central stand, it also has the best picture of any non-oled 4k tv.

It also has an amazing bright room picture, it comes equipped with mini LED powered backlight that has full array and local dimming so that you can enjoy movie nights as local dimming helps to improve LCD tv image quality by dimming certain areas of the picture or making them brighter in relation to what’s on the screen hence improving contrast.

Also included is the samsung solar panel powered tv remote, that can also be charged via usb.

It also comes with google assistant, alexa and bixby for anyone who wants to connect a voice assistant.

Learn more about Samsung QN90A here

4. TCL 6 Series

The TCL came out in 2020 and has become somewhat the best 4k tv for your dollars.

With a mini LED tech inside it, the mini LEDs maximize the brightness leading to brighter rooms and better overall image quality.

It also has the HDR, this allows for local dimming helping keep black levels dark, and the overall contrast superb. 

It also serves up minimal lag and fast response time Plus superior image quality when in game mode.

Here is more on TCL 6 Series


4k tv Conclusion

The 2020’s will be a great decade for anyone looking for a 4k tv. As the technology moves forward, better more crystal clear 4k tvs will emerge and with it better watching experiences.

So as usual, thank you for spending the time with us, we hope you have enjoyed reading up on the latest 4k tvs and the technology powering them, as we enjoyed creating it for you.

So tell us in the comments below, what 4k tv are you going to buy? 

And what did you like most about our guide?

Lastly, we would love to hear from you, what other topics would you wish we cover in the next articles? 

Have a great time online.

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