cast onto tv

cast onto tv

So you want to cast onto tv? Here is how.


cast onto tv

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Imagine this scenario – You have just arrived from your trip abroad, you cannot wait, the family is gathered in the living room. For the past few months you have been on a safari in east africa, you have been planning this trip for over 5 years, but you never got around to it. Now, it is all over, but you captured the best moments on your phone camera. Now you cannot wait to share them with your friends and family.

But wait, they would look much better on the TV screen, and this way everyone can watch at once. But how do you cast onto tv? How do you project the pictures onto the tv screen?

Or, maybe you are watching your favorite team play, it’s Super Sunday but you want to stream onto a bigger screen so how can you mirror the phone screen to the TV?

Or maybe you want to beam that presentation on your laptop or tablet to the TV screen.

Or, are you a gamer? and want to play games on a bigger screen.

In this article I will show you how to cast onto tv. It makes for a more convinient and comfortable experience.

The good news is this, you may already have every item you need to cast onto tv, and if not as you will see, it is relatively cheap to get one to setup.

We will see how to do so from different devices.

  1. How to cast onto tv from an android phone
  2. How to cast onto tv from an iPhone
  3. How to cast onto tv from a laptop


How to cast onto tv from an android phone

Casting your android phone onto tv is easy and simple to setup, and like you will find out, you already have evertyhing you need to cast onto tv using yourr android phone.

Here’s how you can do it using your Android phone or tablet’s.

In order to cast onto tv using an android phone or tablet, you will need your device to be running Android 5.0 or later. Do not worry about this as that version was released in 2014, so your deveice is probably already running in a newer version. You can always confirm this however by heading over to All Apps > Settings > About Phone > Android Version.

The next item you will need is a Streaming Device.

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You can always use the Google Chromecast streaming device or what I recommend which is the TV Share Max Streaming device. Whichever choice you make, this guide wiill help you successfully cast onto tv.

Method 1:

How to cast onto tv using an Android Screen Wirelessly Using the Google Home App

In order to do thatwirelessly using your Android screen to your Smart TV, you can leverage the help of the Google Home app.

This method will work if you own a Chromecast streaming device or when you have an Android TV with Chromecast built-in.

1. Download the Google Home app from the Google Play Store.

2. Setup Google Chromecast – if it isn’t set up by default. Most Smart TVs will have Chromecast built-in, so it appear automatically on the app panel.

3. Look for your device and then tap “Cast my screen”.

4. Click on Cast screen > Start now.

5. To stop casting onto tv from your Android, go back and click “Stop mirroring.”

Method 2:

So,  An alternative method is to use your Android screen is to use the Screen Cast Option.

Here’s how to do it with your Android phone screen wirelessly –

1. Swipe down or up to access the Settings panel.

2. Look for the Screen Cast toggle option. If you don’t see this option look for the option to connect Android to TV wirelessly option, this may be under a different name in the Settings panel.  This option is sometimes located in Settings > Connection & sharing > Wireless Display.

3. Toggle the Screen cast button on. Look for your Smart TV on the list.

4. Tap on your TV name to complete the process.

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How to cast onto tv using an iPhone.

You can cast onto tv using iPhones and iPads. To do this you will need to have an AirPlay or Apple Tv compatible Smart TV.

Here’s how to do that using the iOS

  1. Use the same network or WiFi to connect your Smart TV to your iPhone or iPad.
  2. From your iPhone, head over to the Control Center
  3. Click on ‘Screen Mirroring’
  4. Select your Smart TV from the list that appears.

In case you do not have an AirPlay or Apple TV compatible Samrt TV, do not worry, you can use Chromecast to cast onto tv from your iOS.

Simply open the Chromecast app > Cast button and select your TV from the availablle list/

You need to be running iOS 13 and above for this feature to work.



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