interserver vs bluehost

interserver vs bluehost

Lets compare interserver vs bluehost, and which one should be your next website hosting provider.

interserver vs bluehost

interserver vs bluehost

Interserver and Bluehost are two of the most popular website hosting solutions on the market rigth now, and are widely used within the wordpress hsoting space.

They don’t have the exact same target market, with Interserver aiming its product at more running complex websites, often B2C websites. Bluehost, in contrast, goes for the broad market approach, tyring to offer solutions to every website.

Find out which website hosting service is best for your business website as we compare interserver vs bluehost below

Interserver Vs Bluehost: An Overview

To help you decide on the right website hosting platform, consider who the website hosting tool was created for:

Who is Interserver for?

Interserver is a complete website hosting solution with a lot of advanced features, such as very affordable web hosting and data services while still maintaining a high level of service and support.

This means it’s great for business owners who use data service tools extensively and want to be able to create affordably while getting highly-resposive support when their website building process hits a road block.

For inexperienced website owners or builder, Interserver makes it easy and simple to start your website building process and quickly lauch your online presence.

The direct admin is time aving when you begin to setup a website either on wordpress, or custom, without having t go through a steep learning curve.

Interserver is also suitable for creating custom email addresses, accessing the cPanel, hosting multiple websites on one hosting account and managing different websites all from the same dashboard.

Who is Bluehost for?

Bluehost is probably one of the most popular web hosting provider ther is, so there remains a huge possibility you have come across them.

Bluehost, a Interserver alternative, has all the wistle and bells you need to create a website or a blog… and it is suitable for all levels of expertise, from novice, to intermediate to the very top class in website design.

And while its products and package of featurs are wordpress oriented, it doesn’t take long to get up to speed with how to create and optimize a website on a different platform.

Interserver vs Bluehost: Features

By now you know that not all website hosting platforms are made equal, and whereas one of these solutions may excel in one area, the other excels in another area, and both have shortfalls you may need to be aware of. In Interserver’s case, their support is excellent, but it can be difficult to navigate the user interface at first. Bluehost has a strong wordpress hosting reputation, yet nothing, apart from its ability to host multiple domains, makes it stand out above the rest.

What Interserver offers

Interserver has an excellent range of features, with the highlight being its affordable offers. The website hosting solution lets you create a hosting account for the cheapest first deals you will find anywhere.

For example, you can get a 12 month deal for the cheapest amount imaginable, these offers are always running, check here if you qualify!

This allows you to bootsrap your business without having to spend much money that you may not have when beginning your entrepreneurial process.

Interserver also allows you to host as many websites, or domains, as you want on it’s hosting account, you can have a business portifolio website, a product catalog website and a promotions website all in the same account.

Other useful features include:

• Low Price: Interserver offers the lowest-priced plans in the market. Our entry-level plans start at $2.50 with high-quality shared hosting.
• Price Lock Quarantee: Interserver does not surprise customers with huge price increases when it comes to renew like other hosting companies. The price you signed up for is the price you pay during renewal.
• All-Inclusive Plan: Every plan we have to offer comes with everything you will need to run your website smoothly. This includes access to a great hosting platform, plenty of disk space and other system resources, and of course, a very fast network. Whether you are starting a small personal blog or a large corporate website, we have everything you will need.

• High Performance: Every one of our plans offers exceptional performance based on the needs of your website. This helps to ensure every visitor to any site hosted at InterServer will be impressed with the site’s response times.

• Free Security Tools: Interserver has Intershield security, which blocks web attacks, scans for viruses, and much more. In addition, this security system comes with a free machine learning firewall and an in-house malware database.

• Great Infrastructure: Interserver takes its infrastructure seriously and we also take advantage of server-side caching and Cloudflare integration to further optimize the performance of your website.

• Cloud App- Interserver offers 466 cloud apps available with 1-click installs.

• Keep Updated: Cloud-based functions are automatically updated to ensure your site is able to take advantage of the latest features and security patches.
• Quick BackUp: Interserver has the fastest backup system. There is an auto-recovery feature if any disaster occurs.

• Customer Support: Here at InterServer we take customer support seriously. Our team is staffed 24/7 to provide you with real-time support on any issues you may be facing.

What Bluehost offers

Bluehost has excellent easy-to-use, customized cPanel for building your website from like a wordpress website and an ecommerce store.

You can customize the fields you use to collect website content and data which allows you to gather specific information you need to create a personalized business or personal website. This lets you start building your website in ways that are tailored to the needs of your business.

As you enter more site information, Bluehost’s free site builder capabilities suggest tags you could add for a faster web creation process.

Another way it helps you to create website design quickly is to utilize other features such as:

• Free site builders.
• Various site tool add-ons.
• Free SSL certificate.
• A customized cPanel that is easy-to-use.
• Their 99.99% uptime claim and Fast Page Load Times using their prepriotory technology
• Free Cloudflare integration which allows for quick website loading
• Free custom emails specific to you domain name (e.g

The downside is that Bluehost doesn’t provides SLA guarantee feature which guarantees no downtime.

It also doesn’t allow you free migrations from other hosting providers, unlike Interserver, it only lets you access migration tools at only higher plans.


Interserver wins this round with its unrivaled price lock quarantee capabilities and excellent free website migration functionality.

Interserver vs Bluehost: Support

Both Interserver and Bluehost scored highly in their customer reviews, so even though its a close contest, lets see who would win out when it came to support.

What Interserver offers

Interserver provides 24/7 ticket system support option. You can also email and live chat, and phone for support.

Other options include Interserver’s round the clock help that you access by the phone, Live chat, ot Ticket system, where you can find someone, a human, to answer questions you might have.

When you’re using the Dashboard, you can clcik on Interserver’s sticky help button at the bottom of the screen, which means you can access support at any time without having to leave your current screen.

What Bluehost offers

Bluehost’s major selling point when it comes to support is that it offers 24/7 automated live chat to all customers, no matter the price plan. The company also provides phone support on 888-401-4678 24/7
Monday to Sunday.

Additionaly, Bluehost provides links in what they call “Knowledge Base” to support resources, which basically is articles, guides, how-tos, instructions, and answers that are relevant to the most frquently asked questions, to help you get your questions, concerns and challenges addressed.


This was a tough one to call, as both solutions provide excellent support options, but Bluehost’s 24/7 phones support put it just a nose upfront.

Interserver vs Bluehost: Ease of use

One of these website hosting solutions wins a gold star in this category. One is a ‘what-you-see-is-what-you-get’ editor and dashboard, and the other isn’t easy to get started with, as it looks kinda like its the early 2000s.

What Interserver offers

Interserver’s dashboard is not an easy solution to use. Although it comes with an excellent onboarding setup wizard, it may take some time to be able to get up and running. The look and feel,as of this writing, is retro, meaning it isn’t like most modern interfaces you may be used to, however, should you run into any issues, the support is a great resource.

To get the most out of this solution and be able to use its vast feature set to the fullest, you do have to spend time on playing around with where everything is and what it does before you start creating your website or ecommerce store.

Interserver, however, makes website creation and store setup and management an excellent experience, by using direct admin, this simplifies the process making it less time-consuming.

What Bluehost offers

Bluhost is an easy solution to use. Today’s website builder — especially millenials and Generation Z — expect to be able to get up and running with new software without needing an instruction manual or hours of training. Bluehost positions itself as easy of use, without extensive training.

It provides a modern and intuitive user dashboard interface, and its setup guide can feel like a breeze in helping you set up a website or an ecommerce store.

It tries to help you through the setup process by giving you a drag-n-drop editor to create the website.

You can also watch the hardy tutorial videos, from its dashboard, that’ll help you manover around and get things done.


While Interserver does offer a superior user experience via direct admin, Bluehost is the less complicated and straightforward of the two.


Interserver vs Bluehost: Pricing

Pricing is a crucial factor when deciding which software is best for your business. There wasn’t much to choose from between Interserver and Bluehost in this category.

What Interserver offers

• Free Plan: No
• Discount: Yearly discount depends on the pricing plan and current offers
• Starting price: $2.50/month and up to 65% off Web Hosting

Interserver’s pricing is much less expensive when you choose to pay yearly instead of monthly.

What Bluehost offers

• Free Plan: No
• Discount: Yearly discount depends on the pricing plan
• Starting price: $4.95/month and up to $79.99/month for its dedicated subscription.

Bluehost’s paid pricing plans are good value for the money for small businesses since you get access to the same features no matter what plan you choose.


Interserver offers a huge discount on the first year plan, while, Bluhehost offers a clear defined pricing terms for customers, from the very beginning. The starting price for Interserver is also cheaper.

Interserver takes this round, though, because it offers an unbeatable first year plan.

Interserver vs Bluehost: Integration with other software

Most modern website hosting solutions offer native integrations with a wide variety of different types of software, plus an API to build these integrations yourself.

What Interserver offers

Interserver calls out some of the most popular integrations on its website. These include:

• Cloudflare integration to further optimize the performance of your website.
• WordPress
• Google Analytics

Interserver offers an API that allows you to build integrations with other software if there’s something you want that’s not on the list.

It also provides a whole host of resources in its support base to help you overcome any obstrcales.

What Bluehost offers

You can connect Bluehost to a variety of different business systems, including those for growing your social media following, creating landing pages, and managing you shopping cart.

Popular integrations include:

• Facebook
• WordPress
• Google Analytics

Bluehost also offers an API that allows you to build integrations with other software if it’s not on the list.


Bluehost takes an edge on this one. As you can even seamlessly integrate WooCommerce.

How They Compare: Interserver vs Bluehost.


Our overall winner: Bluehost

It was a close-run competition, but Bluehost emerged as the winner, while Interserver has a stronger pricing advantage, its lack of a strong following that lets it down, seeming to cater only to a particular niche.

While Bluehost is by no means perfect – it’s recommended by wordpress, giving it a leg up – it’s a solid option for website buildind and most ecommerce solutions that won’t let you down. It’s straightforward to use, has a good range of features and offers excellent payment plans options too.

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